Vantaan Energia Oy – Waste-to-Energy Waste Power Plant 2

Mäkitalo acts as legal advisor to Vantaan Energia Oy in the company’s Waste-to-Energy 80 MW Waste Power Plant 2 construction project.

The project expands the waste incineration capacity of Vantaa Energy’s power plant that was completed in 2014. Mäkitalo’s assignment consists of taking into account all legal aspects of the construction project, including public procurement procedures, permit issues, negotiations and drafting of installation contracts for key processes and supply and construction contracts. Advice on financial legal issues and the required daily legal advice are also part of our mandate.

The previous experience of Mäkitalo’s team of experts on similar projects has contributed to the smoothness of the project in terms of the legal complexity of the project and possible challenges related to the project. Coordination between several contractors and suppliers – combined with the challenges posed by e.g. the covid-19 pandemic – has also required Mäkitalo’s team to possess and utilize excellent project management skills.

Mäkitalo also acted as legal advisor to the waste-to-energy plant construction project completed in 2014. The investment costs of Waste Power Plant 2 are estimated at EUR 130 million. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

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