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Helena Kalmanlehto

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Helena Kalmanlehto specializes in conflict management and commercial dispute resolution.

Kalmanlehto advises clients on all phases of legal conflicts. Her tasks regularly relate to, for instance, real estate, construction and engineering, supply agreements and trade, shareholder and share purchase agreements, as well as insolvency, damages and liability issues. She has been recognized for her deep understanding of conflict avoidance and effective negotiation strategies in contract drafting and day-to-day claims management. Kalmanlehto has an extensive experience in representing clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation procedures.

Kalmanlehto has previously worked in other Finnish leading business law firms. She has trained in the District Court and Court of Appeals.

Kalmanlehto is a member of the Finnish Bar Association’s Committee of Mediation and Expert Team of Civil Process Law.