Henna Pajulammi appointed as Counsel

Attorney-at-Law, LL.D., Henna Pajulammi has been appointed as Counsel as of 24 September 2021. Henna joined Mäkitalo’s Dispute Resolution practice and assists Mäkitalo’s clients in various civil and criminal litigation related matters.

“We have a strong and experienced Dispute Resolution team at Mäkitalo. In my expertise high quality and problem-solving skills have always been the two core values and I’m happy to notice that also at Mäkitalo these values are highly respected. My mission as an Attorney-at-Law is to find the most suitable approach to solve an ominous or current conflict. Carefully considered but rapid reactions as well as insight in the long run are required in dispute resolution related matters. I’m delighted to be a part of Mäkitalo’s team where quality of work and customer centricity are the greatest priorities.”

Previously Henna has worked as a Senior Associate in one of the leading law firms in Finland and has worked as a visiting Fulbright scholar in the UCLA Law School in California. She has defended her PhD (LL.D.) thesis successfully in 2014.