After the blue of Mäkitalo

A brand reform is like orienteering. One should have in mind the correct direction viewed from the compass and a map orbiting the swamps. Fast feet don’t interfere when the goal is known. We had been wondering at Mäkitalo for a moment what might be after the blue of Mäkitalo. In early 2021 we decided to find out and launched our brand reform project.

The aim of the project was to freshen Mäkitalo’s visual identity and communication into a clearer whole, to highlight our strengths in our focus and service areas and to concisely introduce our experts. We needed a cooperation partner in our project who would ask us difficult questions and challenge us in the right way to shape the visual identity that looks like Mäkitalo. As our partner, we selected Design Studio Kallan & Co and started our project with an expectant mind.

What should Mäkitalo look like? We got to hear our customers’ views and got to present the first proofs of the project to a small number of stakeholder representatives who know us. Along with our valuable stakeholder interviews, we worked internally to determine what basic values Mäkitalo has already been built on in the 1980´s and how it feels like to be part of Mäkitalo today. What kind of things we consider to be characteristic to our working habits and atmosphere, and what kind of view opens up as when we look to the future. The puzzle was gradually solved, and we started to bring out a new, fresh 2020´s Mäkitalo.

We didn’t get lost on our trip, thanks to our good collaborator and our project team. However, the task was not easy. Hundreds of choices were made during the project — small and great ones — which all eventually drew us toward the finish line shown on our map.

Now we know, after the blue of Mäkitalo, there is green of Mäkitalo.

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